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About us

South West Equine Protection was formed as a charity 20 years ago in response to the demand for a locally based society to follow up concerns about Equine Welfare. Whether the ponies are from the moor, are privately owned or abandoned, we do our utmost to provide advice and assistance.

We have helped hundreds of horses and ponies and with your help will continue to do so.

SWEP is active throughout Devon and Cornwall, regularly assisting other organisations such as the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary (including Horse Watch), DEFRA, Trading Standards Animal Welfare, local Commoners Associations, the Dartmoor National Park and World Horse Welfare.

We work continuously to challenge and educate on many issues, the following list is not exhaustive, but gives a feel of the challenges we face on a regular basis:
• Over breeding of ponies
• Annual pony sales
• Pony meat trade
• Management of stallions
• Pregnant mares
• Poorly bred foals
• Equine being abandoned/ Mistreated

Our native moorland hill ponies are a unique part of the regions heritage and play an important role in habitat management on the moors; they are a priceless asset among the tourist attractions of Devon and Cornwall and it is one of the main objectives of SWEP is to encourage responsible ownership, both of Domestic and Moorland ponies

Apart from dealing with immediate welfare problems, SWEP is also campaigning to raise the profile of some of the underlying issues that contribute to them. Especially the growing number of livestock deaths on moorland roads, although much of the moor is now covered with a 40 mph speed limit motorists still insist on breaking the law. Many animals are involved in hit and runs and are left to suffer unnecessarily.
We would like to call on motorists involved in collisions with animals not to ignore the incident, but to report the accident to the police, local vet or one of the animal welfare groups. You can do this by phoning the police non-emergency number which is 101.

Now is your chance to help make sure no pony is left to die.

The Pony Sanctuary, also known as: South West Equine Protection
Registered charity number: 1087579 Registered company number: 4141827