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About me!

Raven is the wild spirit of SWEP!

He has been with us for 5 years now and was rescued from abandonment by our Welfare Officer. Originally he arrived as a stallion but was soon castrated so he could mix with the other ponies in our care which he approved much of as he does like the company of a mare!.

Raven is still in our rehabilitation program due to being cut late and his stallion instincts are still present but he is responding well with the care and training we are providing him we hope within more time and patience Raven will be ready to be put up for rehoming and find a loving home.

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Our gift to you

Within sponsoring Raven you will receive a stuffed pony key ring, A6 photo’s of Raven, a letter of Raven journey from the begining to now and 6 monthly updates on Raven and his improvements

Sponsor me now!

Now is your chance to help make sure no pony is left to die.

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