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Manuka our Miracle girl!

Manuka was rescued from Davidstow Airfield, we believe she was abandoned with a group of other ponies. She was extremely thin and frighted of humans when she arrived at the Rehabilitation Yard. On April the 28th 2013 our yard team arrived at the fields where Manuka and her friends where kept. To everyone surprise Manuka had given birth to a beautiful filly named Bumble!. It was a miracle that both had survived!! they were monitored closely and both grew in condition perfectly!!.

Manuka is still in her rehabilitation, she is doing very well and allowing humans her trust more and more each day. We hope in time she will build her confidence and banish the fear so she can find a loving home!.

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Within sponsoring Manuka you will receive a stuffed pony key ring, a letter of Manuka story then and now, A6 photo’s of Manuka and a 6 monthly update on her progress.

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