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Clementine the barbie horse of SWEP!!

Clementine came in to our care back in 2014 after we received a call about a mare in poor condition. She had a young foal at foot and was struggling to produce milk for her. Clementine had been marked to be shot and we were asked if we could take them both in, we agreed.

Arriving at our Rehabilitation Yard it was decided to separate the mare and foal to provide a better chance of survival for them both. Clementine was then paired with Aura and both were worked on together, feeding small but regularly to ensure the best weight gain.

Clementine grew in her Rehabilitation and has been responding well, she has begun to trust humans more and allowed us to start her education. We believe it wont be long to she is ready to find her forever home!.

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With Sponsoring Clementine you will receive A6 photo’s of Clementine, A letter of her story from then to now, a stuffed pony key ring and 6 monthly updates on Clementine and her progress.

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